Technical inspection and registration

We are one of the leading Slovenian companies providing expert technical inspections of motor vehicles and their trailers.We guarantee a modern, high-quality service with highly qualified personnel.

In addition to technical inspections we can provide many more procedures. We issue certificates associated with the finding of compliance with vehicle regulations (type-approval of vehicles), issue test plates and certificates for a test drive.

We perform registration of vehicles in addition to we can also make a change in ownership, deregistration, payment of annual user charge of road use, registration or revocation of vehicle user, order of license plates by the choice ...

We conclude any type of auto insurance and publish Green Cards. We are authorized for underwriting for all Slovenian insurance companies. Services can be paid by cash or by credit cards.

We can carry out technical inspections for:
  - Passenger cars and vans
  - Freight and towing vehicles
  - Service vehicles and buses
  - Tractors and tractor trailers
  - Motorcycles and mopeds
  - For freight vehicles intended for abroad – we perform CEMT checks which apply for international traffic

Tehnical inspection is mandatory for all motor vehicles and towing vehicles every year except:

-         for passanger cars, motorcycles, mopeds and light trailers (the first technical inspection for passanger cars is four years after the first registration) and then every two two years to 8 years of age

-         for new freight vehicles the first inspection is one year after the first registration and after that every year

-        for vehicles used for passanger carriage and vehicles transporting dangerous goods technical inspection is every six months

For all motor vehicles and towing vehivles that are equiped with deviced, that allows examination, regulated by Law on Road Traffic Safety (Zakon o varnosti cestnega prometa), which include:

-         operation of brakes

-         inspection of chassis

-         operation of lights and control of the headlamp

-         vehicle documentation

-         overview of vehicle

-         measurements of exhaust gas in accordance with EU directives

-        other controls

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